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Sunflower Gas Camping Stove

Sunflower Gas Camping Stove

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Engineered for outdoor adventurers, the Sunflower Gas Camping Stove offers a two-in-one solution for efficient heating and effective cooking, creating unforgettable experiences in the great outdoors.

  • Caution: This product is not advised for use within tents.

    • 2-in-1 Functionality: Combines heating and warming capabilities, ideal for cooking and providing warmth during outdoor activities.
    • Advanced Infrared Heating: Offers fast and even heating with a prime heating area of 0.6*1.0m. It features quick heat-up times (full power: 90 minutes; half power: 150 minutes).
    • Adjustable and User-Friendly: Features an adjustable angle and height for optimal cooking and heating, designed for ease of use and convenience.
    • Portable and Durable: Lightweight yet sturdy, easy to pack and transport. Includes a durable carrying case for protection and easy portability.
    • Versatile Outdoor Use: Perfect for various outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and wildlife watching, providing reliable heat and cooking options

     Materials: Stainless Steel; Aluminium Alloy; Copper; FPM; Ceramics

    Size:Unfolded: 180*167*125mm, 7.1*6.6*4.9in;
    Folded: 165*115*82.5mm, φ6.5*4.5*3.2in

    Weight:818g, 28.85oz

    Power:6141BTU/h, 1.8kw, 156g/h

    Boil Time: Boiling 0.5 liter of water in just 3min30s, consumption 2.6g

    Fuel Type: This appliance shall only be used with the butane-propane mixture cartridge complying with EN417.

    Use outdoors only.

    1. Make sure the valve regulator is closed, then connect the valve regulator with the gas cartridge.
    2. Turn valve regulator counterclockwise until you hear the sound of gas flowing out. Ignite the heater by igniting the gas that spews out from the top of the heater.
    3. After cooking is done, close valve regulator.
    4. Cool for at least 5 minutes, then disconnect the valve regulator and gas cartridge.
    5. Heating Mode
    In the heating mode, let the handle contact with the ground, and let the heater form an angle of 30°with the ground.
    6. Expansion Connector
    There is a 1/4 screw threaded connector on the back of the heater that can be attached to a tripod.

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