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FMS-108 Gas Stove

FMS-108 Gas Stove

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FMS-108 Titan Superpower Stove is an excellent gas stove offering 3500W power output, integrated windshield, and double valve control for safety. Weighing only 1134g, it's a powerful, yet portable stove ideal for outdoor adventures.

Foldable Stainless Steel Design: Features a wide support range of 285mm when fully unfolded, suitable for various large pots.

  • Adjustable Support Legs: Offers flexible height adjustment to cater to different cooking needs and setups, even comfortable for use while sitting.
  • Strong and Stable Support: Provides robust support, ensuring stability and suitability for various cooking tasks.
  • High-Energy Piezo Ignition: Comes with an efficient ceramic piezoelectric ignition system, ensuring a consistent and successful lighting.
  • Large Burner with Precision Control: Boasts a sizable burner for enhanced firepower, complemented by an enlarged valve control knob for precise flame adjustment.
Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminum

Weight: 1134g




Boiling 1L water only take 3'10"

Wind-proof stove for multiplayer camping

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