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Extend the comfort range of your sleeping bag with active heating. Ignik's Heated Sleeping Bag Liner is an industry first, adding safe, controllable, and sustainable heat to any setup.  Add to any sleeping bag (or on its own), with 40W of power and a max temp of 140-degrees F, easily adds 20-degrees to your bag's comfort range.

Two Heat Modes: 12V Instant Heat Mode & 5V-USB Efficiency Mode 

Instant Heat Mode - Connect directly to a 12V power supply for immediate heat in the 2 RCS HeatZones. Heats up within 2 minutes up to 140-deg-F. Perfect for a boost of heat and extreme conditions. Uses a standard 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector (12V-3.5A power), or optional Vehicle Adapter. 

Efficiency Mode - Use the 5V-USB Adapter for power conservation and maximum compatibility. HeatZones gradually warm up to 80-deg-F. Does not feel hot to the touch, but great for adding a consistent extra "layer" of warmth. 

  • 2 - RCS HeatZone™
  • Sleeps 1
  • Output - 40w
  • Max Temp - 140ºF | 60ºC
  • Power Requirements 12v or 5v
  • Standard Connector 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel
  • Included Adapters 5v USB-A Adapter
  • Dimensions - 31 x 72 in | 79 x 182 cm
  • Weight 1.2lbs | 556g
  • Stuff Sack

FOR USE WITH 5V AND 12V RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES & POWER SUPPLIES ONLY * Not designed for use with 100-240V AC wall adapters *



Ignik’s Heated Sleep System is engineered to be an easy to use, safe, and re-usable heat source, with its patent-pending 3-Layer RCS Technology.The perfect accessory for all your outdoor recreation and adventure needs. Whether you need a little more comfort at the ball game, need to heat your core temperature in winter camping conditions, or just need to keep your tent or rv a little more cozy, Ignik’s Heated Sleep Systems has you covered. Ignik’s patent-pending Radiant Carbon Strand Technology eliminates the bulky wires of traditional heated blankets, providing a lightweight, portable heat system that delivers the maximum amount of warmth to your setup.

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