May 2024 Adventure Plan

May 2024 Adventure Plan

Well it’s another year! Another year means new adventures to be planned! What are the things you look for in a destination?

Ours is simple, give us mountains!!! Towards the end of May we plan to make the 1,137 mile trek to Colorado from the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We will have our 2021 Chevy Silverado Trailboss loaded down with a family of 4 and enough overlanding gear to last multiple days off grid back in the mountains! 

Our plan is simple, let’s get back in the mountains and see every National Park in Colorado. We have off-roading treks planned on the Imogene Pass and multiple other “must see” spots on the list. 

We have a bunch of pictures to take, content to make, and new gear to try out! We will be testing gear from Colorado 4x4 (our new tent), Firemaple cooking gear, and many other various tools for overlanding and camping. 

Which brings me to my next point, Firemaple. Firemaple is a Chinese brand of camp cooking gear. It drew our attention due to the great price point over It’s competitor Jetboil. Although designed in the United States Jetboil is also manufactured in China so my thought was what the heck let’s try it. I plan on doing some in-depth review of this gear to see how it holds up in comparison to the jet boil.

We are excited for our trip at the end of May and hope to bring you another blog post with information and reviews! Have fun and be safe on any adventures you might have in 2024!

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